Frozen Embryo Transfer

What is a frozen embryo transfer (FET)?

A frozen embryo transfer occurs when embryos generated in a preceding IVF cycle have undergone cryopreservation, and are thawed prior to the transfer into the uterus. Outcomes from doing frozen embryo transfers have been positive. It is believed the endometrium is not optimally prepared for implantation, immediately following an ovarian stimulation.

Advantages of a frozen embryo transfer (FET)?

You may do a frozen embryo transfer (FET) at any time. This will give flexibility in choosing the month/year in which you desire to do this procedure and have the ability to plan ahead.

What are the benefits of a frozen embryo transfer (FET) over a fresh embryo transfer cycle?

It’s important to discuss with your Fertility Doctor your medical history including any prior fertility treatments you’ve done so that he/she can provide the best option for you and maximize your chances of a successful pregnancy.

How long does the frozen embryo transfer (FET) process take?

The process begins when a patient contacts our office and wishes to start a frozen cycle. We will ensure all blood-work and procedures that are necessary to proceed are finalized. The next steps will be to schedule ultrasounds to check uterine lining and evaluate estrogen and progesterone levels as necessary. Once the endometrium appears to be ready for the transfer a specific day and time will be provided. A clinical coordinator will work with patients every step of the way.

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