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Tian Tian, Cheng Cheng & MiMi

I am an infertile patient from China. In 2016, I was lucky enough to know Dr. Eileen Chen. In the same year, I successfully conceived through IVF. Now my baby is almost 2 years old. 

My husband and I decided to have another baby. Dr. Rudy Quintero made my second transfer in October, and I became pregnant again and had twins this time. My family is very grateful to all the people who have helped us at CARE Fertility.


I would like to inform you that after my procedure on April 10 2017, I did get pregnant! we found out December 11, 2017. They told me I would be due on August 22nd but ended up having our baby boy on Sunday August 19th 2018. 

He is absolutely AMAZING! We would like to be your office ambassadors that this procedure actually works. We’ve told everyone we know about the procedure and the outcome, we’ve also been trying for another baby recently as for that we will keep you posted. Thank Dr.Quintero and his whole staff for us. Thanks to him and his knowledge and God we now have a son we named Emilio.


Dr. Quintero will always hold a special place in our hearts for he helped us have our Olivia. Words are not enough to thank someone for giving us our special baby that is truly the joy of our lives. 

At age 44, Dr. Quintero was our last hope at having a family even though the odds were heavily against us. But to everyone’s amazement a miracle happened! My husband and I believe that without Dr. Quintero’s excellent medical expertise and special compassion we would not be holding our tiny daughter in our arms today. Our experience with Dr. Quintero and his wonderful staff was indeed one of the happiest times of my life even with all the shots, pills and exams…I really felt we had a whole team of support behind us that wanted this baby as much as we did. God bless them all.


We think she is adorably cute but I know we are biased! “My husband and I had been trying for about 4 years when we met Dr. Quintero. He checked for a lot of possible issues, and suggested a course of action, including acupuncture with a very talented woman that I’m convinced increased my uterine lining thickness from suboptimal to normal. 

We had several months of Clomid and Femara, followed by 2 months of injectible drugs with IUI. On the 2nd IUI try we were successful. Dr. Quintero continued to follow the pregnancy and be of help– he is always available by email. Now we have an adorable, happy baby girl. Thanks, Dr. Quintero!

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