International Patients

At CARE fertility, we are proud to serve patients from across the globe achieve their dreams of building their families. We are honored to help our patients from all continents and we focus on creating a personalized option to make this journey easier for you.

Available Treatments

World Class Services

Here in Southern California we’re lucky to be able to access the best Fertility Services available in the world, right on our doorstep. The American Fertility industry has been globally at the forefront of Fertility Sciences and clinical excellence since its inception. 

It is no wonder then that Patients from every corner of the globe come to CARE Fertility to take advantage of our cutting edge, best-of-breed Fertility Services and technologies to give them their highest chance of having successful treatments.

Access To Third Party Fertility Options

Fertility Tourism (often called Reproductive Tourism) offers international patients with options and services potentially unavailable in their home territories. Laws about Fertility treatments vary widely between countries and we’re fortunate that the USA has some of the most patient centric laws allowing for as many options to be available to hopeful parents including third party reproductive options such as gender selection, donor eggs and/or donor sperm and surrogacy. 

For patients who wish to explore such third-party reproductive options, CARE Fertility will also assist navigate the legal and administrative logistics associated with such options to ensure patients are never alone during their journey.

Multilingual Services

CARE Fertility offers personalized services for our international patients that aligns both with their culture and their fertility needs. Our multi-lingual team can assist with everything from booking fertility services to arranging hotels and transport, global flights and other custom arrangements needed to make our patients at ease and comfort throughout their time here in the USA. 

Our team can offer assistance to native speakers of Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Farsi/Persian, Armenian and Polish. We also partner with leading real time medical translation services so no matter where our patients are from, we speak their language.

Cost of Fertility Treatments

Here at CARE Fertility we understand the tremendous challenges our patients can phase during their fertility journey. We see patients every day that are coming to us emotionally and physically stressed not to mention their fears of the financial impact of Fertility Services. It is for this reason that CARE Fertility has made pricing options for fertility services simple and with no hidden or added on fees later. 

We provide each patient with Financial counseling and will work with patients to ensure they have every option available to them based on their personal financial circumstances.  All our patients are provided with all the information necessary to ensure there are no surprise out of pocket costs or expenses.

IVF Programs



It includes the following services:

Fertility Preservation

  • CARE PLUS Egg Freezing Package
  • CARE PLUS Egg Freezing Package
    Two Cycles


It includes the following services:


It includes the following services:

IVF Third Party Programs

  • CARE PLUS IVF Package
    with Egg Donor
  • CARE PLUS IVF Package
    with Surrogate
  • CARE PLUS IVF Package
    with Egg Donor & Surrogate


It includes the following services:


It includes the following services:


It includes the following services:

Other Fertility Treatments

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)


It includes the following services:

It does not include:

These are usually covered by your insurance, if not covered we’ll provide you with our cash fees.

Turn Your Dream into Reality!

We invite you to schedule a free consult to go over your case with one of our physicians to understand your unique situation better and provide you with a personalized financial option. 




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