Donor Egg & Donor Sperm

Donor Egg & Donor Sperm

CARE Fertility works with patients who need the option of an egg donor, sperm donor, or both in order to achieve a pregnancy. When you schedule your free consultation you will meet with a fertility specialist who will review your medical history, address all the concerns you may have and create a personalized treatment for your specific needs.

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The Process of Egg or Sperm Donation

Step One – Diagnostic

A fertility specialist will recommend the necessary testing to evaluate ovarian reserve for females and/or sperm count for males.

Step Two – Donor Options

Once your diagnostic tests have been reviewed, if it’s determined you need the assistance of a donor, we will provide you the various options at your disposal. These include egg donation from an anonymous source or a known person, sperm donation from an anonymous source or a known person, and embryo donation.

Step Three – Fertility Treatment Options

Our fertility specialists will review the type of fertility treatments available to you when using an egg donor or an sperm donor and their success rates. They will also make a recommendation best on your specific case and medical history.

Is Donor Egg or Donor Sperm Right for Me?

There are several factors that may lead a Fertility Doctor to recommend a donor egg, donor sperm, or both including:

Egg or Ovarian Issues

Diminished ovarian functions due to cysts or menopause or when genetic or infectious diseases are affecting egg quality.

Sperm Quality Issues

When the patient’s sperm count or motility are limited, or when genetic or infectious diseases are affecting sperm quality.

Unsuccessful Fertility Medications

Poor ovarian response to fertility medications.

Find out if Donor Egg or Donor Sperm is Right for You.

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